Kukatpally Woman Thrashes Husband Over Extramarital Affair  

25 Jul, 2019 12:29 IST|Sakshi
Kukatpally Woman Thrashes Husband Over Extramarital Affair

A woman who caught her husband red handed with another woman with whom he had been in an extramarital relationship, thrashed him with slippers. She said he had been neglecting their children for the sake of his love affair.

Lakshman from Kotha Kammagudem of Mancherial district got married to Soujanya in 2010. The couple have a son. In due course, Lakshman got acquainted with Anusha from Venkatraopet of Karimnagar. He soon fell in love with her. Anusha was got married to Kola Ravikanth in 2013 and they have a baby boy.

Anusha began living with Lakshman in Pragathi Nagar, Kukatpally after leaving her husband. Soujanya learned about her husband’s love affair with Anusha and confronted him in front of their relatives by showing photos of the two. Lakshman denied any involvement and claimed that the pics belonged to the period before marriage. A few days later, Lakshman resumes his relationship with Anusha. On coming to know of this, Soujanya on Thursday caught her husband redhanded with Anusha and thrashed both of them with her slipper.

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