Sohel May Not Be Among Top 3 Finalists On Bigg Boss Telugu 4, Here's Why

25 Nov, 2020 15:07 IST|Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 contestant Sohel is winning the hearts of the audience for his conversation and performance in the house. Sohel fans are urging all the show lovers to vote for him as well to make the winner of this season. No doubt, Sohel has emerged as the top contender to win the ongoing fourth season of the reality show Bigg Boss Telugu. Despite his violent behavior inside the house, Sohel is considered to be the most promising contestant to win the show by viewers for his comic timing. Sohel is truly playing the game well and he deserves to be in top two finalists of this season.

Everyone are assuming that Sohel could end as a runner-up based on his performance in the house. The latest news we hear is Sohel may not be in the top three finalists of this season. The reason hints that Sohel is back bitching and gossiping about Harika and Ariyana with other housemates.

Some of his fans are supporting him that what’s wrong in Sohel gossiping behind their back, if he talks right in front of them, Sohel may not control his anger which leads to a heated argument between the contestants that’s why he is back bitching about Harika and Ariyana with other housemates. The latest buzz on social media suggests that Sohel's back bitching about the contestants that has become a big minus point to him that's why he may not be in the top three finalists of Bigg Boss Telugu 4. Take a look at the tweets:

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