Ravi Teja Hikes His Remuneration Post KRACK Success

27 Jan, 2021 11:03 IST|Sakshi Post

Actor Ravi Teja is riding high on the blockbuster success of 'KRACK', which has become the first biggest hit of 2021. The film has turned out to be a huge money-spinner at the box office. Before KRACK, Ravi Teja had a series of flops and all of his previous movies were earned less than 10 cr. Ravi Teja used to charge Rs 10 cr per film before KRACK. There was a time, some producers were hesitant to pay him over Rs 10 cr. Ravi Teja waited to see 'KRACK' response from the audience. 

As you all know, Audience are gushing about the film. Post KRACK success, we are hearing reports that Ravi Teja has hiked his remuneration for his forthcoming flick ' Khiladi.' If reports are to be believed, Ravi Teja is charging Rs 16 cr for his upcoming film 'Khiladi'. He may continue the same remuneration even for his further movies. The sudden decision of Ravi Teja would be shocking news to the producers who are looking forward to work with him. Ravi Teja must select good scripts to continue his remuneration, the audience would love to watch the content-driven films than stardom of actor. It is being said on social media that several directors are looking forward to associate with Ravi Teja. It remains to be seen will they be ready to meet the demands of actors.

Back to Ravi Teja's Khiladi, it is directed by Ramesh Varma and the film is expected to get ready for summer this year.

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