Monal Sensational Comments On Ariyana Glory After Bigg Boss Exit

16 Dec, 2020 21:05 IST|Sakshi Post

Monal Gajjar has been hitting the headline ever since she was stepped into Bigg Boss Telugu 4. Recently, she was evicted from the house, giving back to back interviews for the various portals. If you may recall, Monal has never shared a good rapport with Ariyana and Mukku Avinash. After stepping out of the show, Monal made some sensational comments on Ariyana. Last week, Sohel and Ariyana had a verbal spat each other. Monal is the dearest friend of Sohel in the house.

We shouldn’t be stun if she supports Sohel in last week's argument. Monal stated to a leading tabloid that Ariyana seems to be doing for footage. She started crying in the house after Sohel went into the confession room.

Ariyana thought Sohel might say something bad about her that’s why she pretended as she is crying to gain sympathy from the audience. If she really cried as it wasn’t her mistake in argument, when Akhil was talking to her, Ariyana's tears were stopped in no time. Generally, it takes some time for tears to get a stop for any human being, if you are really feeling sad about it. I think, she did it for only footage and to blame Sohel’s mistake in it”.

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