Chiranjeevi Serious on MAA Elections Controversy, Check Telugu Megastar Reaction

10 Aug, 2021 13:47 IST|Sakshi Post

Chiranjeevi-MAA Elections: Conflicts within the Movie Artists' Association are becoming more intense by the day, yet they are not subsiding. the founding president of the Movie Artistes Association (MAA), has stepped in to put out the fires. Megastar Chiranjeevi sent a letter to the disciplinary committee head U V Krishnam Raju.

The recent incident between Hema and Naresh affected Chiranjeevi. He grew concerned about the current events in the association. That's not everything. He also drafted a letter requesting that the presidential election be held right away. Chiranjeevi has always had such respect and authority as the founding president of the association. With that authority, he addressed a letter to U V Krishnam Raju, the Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee.

In the letter, he stated that the current committee's term had ended and that several assistance programmes for members had been suspended and he requested that elections be conducted as soon as possible. The number of scandalous incidents has also been rising day by day since Prakash Raj announced that he would run in the 'Maa' elections.

Chiranjeevi's letter said, "Many members of 'our' association are in jeopardy as a result of the pandemic. It is our duty to help them all. Many members have already spoken out publicly about 'our' election."

Chiranjeevi said that the current body's tenure, which was set to expire in March 2020, was prolonged until now since elections could not be held owing to the Covid crisis.

Chiranjeevi further said: “In recent times we have seen elections to the Bar council and for many other bodies. So, elections to the MAA executive body should also be conducted following Covid protocols.”

He recommended that because the present body's tenure has been prolonged until now, despite the fact that its two-year term expired in March, the new committee must serve until March 2024. Following that, elections should be held, as usual, he added.

If the elections are not held soon, he believes the dispute will worsen. As a result, he urged that the elections be conducted as soon as possible.

According to reliable sources, the most prominent association would otherwise be tarnished, as he stated in his letter. Some seniors are also concerned that the association's credibility will be compromised if the elections are not held soon.

In this situation, Krishnam Raju was requested to take the necessary steps to organise elections as soon as possible. Reports suggest that today or tomorrow the election announcement will be released as the megastar has now stepped in.

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