Jadcherla: Bridge Constructed In Just 12 Hours

14 Jun, 2021 13:31 IST|Sakshi Post

The Railway Department has set a record by constructing a triple track bridge in just 12 hours. The construction works of the bridge started from 6 am and ended by 6 pm. The track was renovated. The bridge was constructed by the Railways near Gowda Function Hall in Badepalli town, Jadcherla mandal of Mahabubnagar district. About 200 officers, labourers and engineers were involved in the construction works.

AGM Murthy of the engineering department said that, "This was the first time a bridge was constructed over a triple track under the Secunderabad Railway Division. The bridge was constructed as a part of the Umdanagar-Mahabubnagar doubling works that has been going on for a few months.

In September 2020, the doubling of the 29 km railway line between Shadnagar and Gollapalli was completed and commissioned. The track is designed to handle 25 tonne axle loads with speed potential of 130 kmph. Three major bridges with PSC girders and 52 minor bridges with RCC boxes have been constructed.

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