Kerala Govt Eases Restrictions For Eid

21 Jul, 2021 14:11 IST|Sakshi Post

Either lockdown or restrictions have been in place for a long time. The states are opting for a few curbs and guidelines to keep Covid19 in check. This means stricter rules during the festival time. Religious or marriage gatherings became a reason for the increase in cases in many cities. That is why there is a need for restrictions to be in place during such events.

Recently Kerala administration eased the Covid curbs for Eid. As traders and customers wanted a relaxation of these restrictions to celebrate the festival properly and be able to purchase it, the officials decided to grant their wish. But the Supreme Court was not happy about it.

Even though the daily numbers have gone down a bit, it doesn’t mean that the risk is gone. The second wave in particular was not good for states including Maharashtra and Kerala. Cases were really high in these places. Supreme Court issued a limitation on the Pinarayi Vijayan administration as they became weak to the requests of the traders.

The cases are not too high in Kerala but overall the country is still suffering. It is not the time for allowing such relaxation. There are many citizens whose lives will be at stake due to this decision. It is not safe for them. You are risking the further spread of Covid19.

There will be no stopping it. The 3-day relaxation in Kerala for Eid will be in place but the only concern is the cases. If this leads to an increase in the daily cases and there is a rise once again, then the authorities will be facing the blame. The pressure and risk are too high.

It is a dilemma-like situation as the risk of Covid19 is there but at the same time, the people needed this relaxation. Festival is the time where people will shop. If the sales see a small boost also, it will be good for the people who have been suffering.

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