Colors Kannada Deletes Prashanth Hurting Divya Scene From Bigg Boss, Viewers Angry

21 Jul, 2021 13:57 IST|Sakshi Post

BBK viewers are slamming Colors Kannada channel and questioning channel business head Parameshwar Gundkal over the editing of yesterday's episode. As we all know, last week, Divya U was hurt in the jacket task and got stitches on her finger. She is still taking part in all the tasks, giving her best to win the task. Even Kichcha Sudeep appreciated her in the episode aired over the weekend that went by. But in yesterday's episode, Prashanth S reportedly deepened Divya U's wound during the task which viewers dub was intentional. Divya U will be sent to the confession room for a check-up, it is learnt. 

However, this crucial scene was hidden from the normal audience who watched the daily episode of BBK8. But BBK live viewers and Divya U fans have exposed the channel's censorship of the scene by leaking a video clip of Prashanth S and Chandrachud's conversation which has now gone viral.

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The video shows Prashanth S telling Chandrachud indirectly that he purposely hurt Divya U on her injury. BBK viewers who watched this clip have slammed Prasanth S for his worst gameplay against an injured contestant. Hurting the injured contestants to win the game is so inhuman, say netizens. BBK viewers have even questioned Colors Kannada channel and it's business head Parameshwar Gundkal as to why they did not show this video clip in the episode. BBK viewers are now accusing the channel of being unfair and allege that they are saving all the wrong contestants for the sake of TRPs. 

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