YSRCP MLA Put Under House Arrest in Nellore

23 Jul, 2018 15:31 IST|Sakshi
Police in front of Kavali MLA Pratap Kumar Reddy’s house

Nellore: YSR Congress Party leader and Kavali MLA Ramireddi Pratap Kumar Reddy was placed under house arrest by the police near here today. Police obstructed and stopped MLA Pratap Kumar Reddy at Isukapalle in Alluru mandal from touring the village.

The Kavali MLA was placed under house arrest and prevented from visiting fishermen villages in Nellore district. A huge battalion of police and security was placed in front of his house. Later speaking to media, Pratap Kumar Reddy said it was illegal to stop him from touring the fishermen villages. He expressed his anger over the police for stopping him and said that the police were behaving like TDP workers.

Even as the MLA Pratap Kumar Reddy was not allowed to move out of the house, YSRCP workers and MLA's supporters came near his house and expressed their anger over the high-handed behaviour of the police. The party workers and police were having a heated argument. There was some jostling between the police and party workers, as well.

Meanwhile, fishermen who came from their villages told the police they had invited the MLA to visit their villages. But even that did not have any impact on the police who continued to keep Pratap Kumar Reddy under house arrest. In support of Kavali MLA, Nellore Rural YSRCP MLA Kotam Reddy also came and sat in protest against the police atrocities.

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