No-Trust Vote Helped Modi Gain People’s Trust: Krishnam Raju

23 Jul, 2018 15:23 IST|Sakshi
Former Union Minister Krishnam Raju

Vijayawada: Former Union Minister and BJP leader Krishnam Raju said due to the no-trust vote in Parliament, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had gained the trust of the people in the country. Speaking to media here today, he said though TDP claimed to have garnered the support of 18 parties for their no-trust vote, they could not get any party to speak against the injustice meted out to Andhra Pradesh.

Krishnam Raju said if any political leader was interested in welfare of the people, the leader should state the facts to the people. He said that the Central government would soon make announcements regarding Polavaram, Duggarajapatnam port, Kadapa Steel Plant, Visakhapatnam Railway Zone and Tribal University. The Union ministers will tour the state to explain the facts to the people, he observed.

The former minister said that many national institutes were operated in temporary private buildings, and the Centre would initiate action to build permanent buildings for these institutes. Funds had already been released for developing capital city, Amaravati and if there was need for more funds, the Centre would act as needed. He said it was unfair to make personal criticism on Modi. The BJP state leaders were sending reports to their top leadership about the political developments in AP, he added.

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