TDP MLAs question AP CM over Aadhar link to welfare schemes

18 Dec, 2014 16:24 IST|Sakshi
TDP MLAs question AP CM over Aadhar link to welfare schemes

Is the shine on the TDP government wearing thin in Andhra Pradesh? Are the party MLAs slowly beginning to speak out against the TDP top boss?

If the TDP legislature party meet, held at Hyderabad on Thursday is any indication, the MLAs appear to be bearing the brunt of growing opposition to the TDP government's flip-flop on loan waiver and other issues.
The TDP government's decision to link the government welfare schemes to the Aadhar card is also causing disappointment to the people and the TDP MLAs have reportedly raised the issue with the TDP chief. They expressed their anguish about this.
According to credible sources, several TDP MLAs shown their extreme disappointment over the way the welfare schemes are being implemented before Chandrababu Naidu.
Several MLAs raised objections and told Chandrababu they cannot face the public if the Government continues to go ahead linking the Aadhar card to various Government schemes. Public are expressing anger as this has deprived many persons of the government benefits.
All the schemes including white ration cards and electrical pump sets are linked with the Aadhar card.
In return, Chandrababu reportedly told the MLAs to take the welfare schemes to the public and promote them. He reportedly expressed displeasure at the way the government's good works were failing to reach the people.


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