Move Mom Move Car Rally in Hyderabad To Promote Fitness In Mothers

14 Jul, 2018 19:32 IST|Sakshi
TDS (Time, Distance & Speed) Car Rally

“TDS Car Rally is a form of Motor Sport. The team with the lowest number of penalty points wins. Two teams will be given attractive prizes. It is not a car race. Speeds are within a legal limit.”

MillionMoms, a social impact imitative to organize “Move Mom Move— A TDS (Time, Distance & Speed) Car Rally to promote fitness in Mothers” in association with Shadan Group of Educational and J Media Factory on 15th July in the city.

The Rally will be held at Novotel Hyderabad Airport, Shamshabad at 10.15am. 200 women, mothers, girls, women executives are expected to participate in this novel event. It will conclude at Shadan Group of Educational Institutions at Shadan Medical College, Chevella Road, Near Kali Mandir, Peeramcheru, Hyderabad.

Treasure Hunt is routine, but TDS—Time, Distance and Speed Car Rally is something different. A recce of the route is not allowed. The route is a surprise and will be announced at the venue itself.

The objective of the event is to make moms move, move towards fit and healthy lifestyle.

The initiative MillionMoms is the brain child of city-based Dr. Mani Pavitra, Orthodontist and Social Entrepreneur. Her aim is to reach out to one million moms with the message and inspire them to be fit, healthy and happy.

The initiative promotes the health and fitness of mothers.

The event is organized in association with Shadan group of educational institutions running successfully 4 medical colleges in two states ; providing free treatment to all the patients including free surgeries .Immense Contribution to medical and health sector since 15 years. Always in forefront in supporting women empowerment and awareness campaigns Supported many social initiatives in past

It is a fun car rally. Interested may log in and register. Any woman with a valid driving license and necessary car documents is eligible. She has to participate along with her car and two friends/colleagues/parents/family members.

It is not a race. Car with the least penalties over a distance wins. Cars do not need any modification. The rally route is usually on public roads. Speeds are always within the legal limits.

During a TSD rally, the rally team is required to maintain Assigned Speeds, at least part of the time. You need to adhere to all traffic rules. Safety is utmost important. Slowing down for curves, stopping forstop signs, and obeying traffic lights all of this necessitates speeding up and slowing down. You need not just keep a steady speed. The challenge of the rally is you will have to calculate how fast you really did travel over a given portion of the Rally Route so that you can then speed up or slow down to try to match the "correct” speed.

TSD rallying (Time Speed Distance) is a form of motor sports usually conducted on public roads as well as off-road and dirt sections for fun. The objective of these rallies is to maintain precise times and precise speeds on various segments of a predefined route mentioned in a road book. Each team usually consists of a driver and navigator. Teams usually start a TSD rally at fixed intervals of a minute or two.

At the time of flag off, each team is given a road book, which guides the navigator with the route and average speed to be maintained. Along the route there are several Time Control zones, the positions of which would be unknown to the teams. The marshals on the way will note the timing at which the team arrives at the TCs. The difference between a team's actual times and the ideal times determine their penalties. (Late and early arrival both attracts penalties). The team with the lowest number of penalty points wins.

There will be prizes for the first and second cars to reach the destination. The winner will get Holiday Voucher worth Rs 50,000 for two.

Car with the “Best Motivational Social Message”, the picture that get maximum likes and shares on the FB and the person who motivation maximum Moms to take up the “21 Day Mom’s Challenge” will be suitably rewarded.

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