Shashidhar Reddy objects to statements by Telangana leaders

6 Nov, 2013 15:39 IST|Sakshi
Shashidhar Reddy objects to statements by Telangana leaders

NDMA vice-chairman and Congress MLA in Andhra Pradesh M Shashidhar Reddy on Tuesday termed as highly provocative the reported statements of some Telangana leaders who said all 'illegal employees' in Hyderabad would be thrown out of the city when the new state is created.

Reddy said some Telangana leaders had made public statements claiming that 30 per cent of government servants in Hyderabad were allegedly illegally employed and all those who were not born in Telangana would be thrown out.
"Such statements are highly provocative, will create insecurity and ruckus and tension. I condemn it," he told PTI over phone.
Reddy, who belong to Telangana and is son of former Chief Minister M Channa Reddy, said his wife's family belongs to coastal Andhra and son was born in Visakhapatnam and like them there are lakhs of other people who are living in Telangana.
He said division of a state is always a painful process and no one should try to add more problems to the exercise.
"Everything should be done in a just and fair manner," Reddy, an MLA from Hyderabad's Sanatnagar constituency, said.
Reddy is the vice-chairman of the National Disaster Management Authority with the rank of a Union Cabinet Minister.




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