Ready to Resign, If Proven Wrong, KCR Challenges Congress 

24 Aug, 2016 19:55 IST|Sakshi
KCR, who on Tuesday signed the pact on Godavari projects alongwith Maharashtra counterpart Devendra Fadnavis, on Wednesday received a grand gala welcome at Begumpet airport.

Hyderabad: Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhara Rao has offered to resign if Congress proves that the earlier Congress Government’s agreement on Tummidihatti project was of 152 meters height. KCR lambasted Congress leaders for their baseless allegations on the latest agreement with Maharashtra Government on three projects on Godavari.

KCR, who on Tuesday signed the pact along with his Maharashtra counterpart Devendra Fadnavis, received a grand gala welcome at Begumpet airport on Wednesday.

Addressing the huge gathering, KCR said: “Congress senior leader Jana Reddy and TPCC Chief Uttamkumar Reddy are making baseless allegations on the projects. Uttamkumar Reddy claims that the Congress Government had entered into an agreement with Maharashtra to have a 152-metre-high project and that the TRS Government had agreed for 148 metres only.

“This is nothing but shameless allegation. I challenge Congress leaders to prove their allegations. I’ll wait here at the airport for 40 minutes more. Come with the document. If proved wrong, I’ll go straight to Rajbhavan to submit my resignation, if they prove the previous agreement.”

“If Congress made an agreement on Tummidihatti, why nothing has been done all these years. Congress and TDP are responsible for backwardness and exploitation in Telangana,” he said.

KCR further said that Telangana people are happy over the agreement and are waiting for the projects to complete. While cautioning Congress leaders on stringent action,

KCR warned: “If Congress leaders continue to make baseless allegations about development projects in Telangana, we’ll resort to legal action against them. Congress leaders are jealous of the growth in Telangana. You all know how stubborn I am. I’ll not compromise on Golden Telangana.”

KCR further said that Telangana’s stake in Godavari water is 950 TMCs out of the total 1,480 TMCs. With an aim to create awareness about the projects, he said he would tour the whole state by bus.

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