Congress hatao, Desh bachao: Pawan Kalyan

14 Mar, 2014 18:20 IST|Sakshi
Congress hatao, Desh bachao: Pawan Kalyan

I am ready to work with any party but not Congress. We all are sick and tired of Congress: Pawan Kalyan

It is official! Ending months of speculations, Power star Pawan Kalyan finally launched his own political party, just days before the state and country goes to polls. Pawan on Friday launched, Jana Sena at Hitex, Hitec City, Hyderabad. 

Highlights from his speech:

  • I hate the present state of politics of our country and that is why I have floated this new party, Jana Sena.
  • The path is dark and there is no one to show the way or light but my willpower is strong enough
  • Digvijay Singh asked me to merge my party with the Congress. Why? Is my party the Ganges that it has to merge with something?
  • CMPF has now become Jana Sena
  • He made it clear that he has three kids.
  • My father was a Government officer. He made one mistake, and he was bullied by the police and even his own parents. That incident changed my life, and taught me to think about others.  
  • It is unfortunate that I have to come before people due to the act of the Congress High Command
  • Why will I be angry with my brother? He is like my father. I love Chiranjeevi, my brother so much, but today, because of Congress High Command, we have to stand as opposition
  • My friend Raju Ravi Teja from Warangal is my support
  • Reacting to TRS chief KCR's daughter Kavitha's comments: I am also from Telangana. Who are you to ask me to say sorry to Telangana
  • My primary aim was to entertain. Politics was never in my mind, but given the current political situation, I couldn't keep quiet. Being an MP or MLA is not important to me.   
  • Before my fans and supporters' love, politics is nothing. But the way the state was divided,made me very upset. Since then, I have developed this anger against politics and politicians.  
  • I didn't like the way the state was divided 
  • I have read about the Telangana state during my school days. I have not suddenly developed  love for Telangana.
  •  I am not against Telangana, but I will not remain silent when the self respect of people from Seemandhra are being crushed.
  • Personally many politicians are very good.
  •  I am a fan of Jagga Reddy. If Telangana agitation was led by Jagga Reddy, the division could have been amidst distribution of sweets.
  • Pawan Kalyan mocked BJP senior leader, Venkaiah Naidu
  • Pawan questioned Rajya Sabha member Hanumantha Rao that is there nothing wrong with people who marry once, but go around with 30 women.
  • Rahul Gandhi is not married but he is definitely not a 'Brahmachari'. I too can get personal. I have fans and network. We Can upload everything on YouTube.
  •  I will talk about Rabert Vadra and Rahul Gandhi's personal lives, if my personal life is attacked
  • Look in the mirror before criticise me
  • Kavitha is like my own sister. I understand the pain of my brother, KTR (KCR's son)
  • My friend told me that the Telangana Jaguthi Samithi has amassed a lot of money. Where has she got the money in donations from for her outfit Telangana Jagruti? 
  • I have had a good life, but I am still entering politics.   
  • Till now, I have never commented on anyone's personal life
  • No one knows what happens between wife and husband. Nobody knows the reasons behind my divorces
  • Why only nirbhaya rape was taken seriously? Prior to that lot of case are there why not them?
  • We all are sick and tired of Congress
  • Indhira Gandhi was a great leader. Rahul Gandhi has to learn from her grandmother's experience
  • My fight is against Congress including Ms Sonia Gandhi. I don’t care a damn
  • Jairam Ramesh is the best example for opportunism and selfish politics.
  • Mr Jairam please give respect to my brother Chiranjeevi who is also your cabinet colleague
  • My jana sena party is under construction. It's not for opportunitists and jumpers. My party strives for stability. 
  • No room for aayaram gayarams in my party
  • I am ready to work with any party but not Congress
  • Congress hatao, Desh bacho, Jai Hind!: Pawan Kalyan signed off


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