Spoiler Alert Janaki Kalaganaledu Today’s Episode September 10: Jnanamba Revokes Decision

10 Sep, 2021 09:31 IST|Sakshi Post

Vishnu calls Mallika and tells her that Jnanamba decided to give her the house responsibility. Elated Mallika imagines herself as Jnanamba and orders everyone in the family to hand over the money to her. She tells them to take permission for every work they wanted to do.

When Jnanamba and Govindaraju wanted to go on a devotional trip, they comes and ask Mallika for permission. But she rejects their permission and enjoys her new post. While she is in that excitement, villagers give a confused look. She then decides to expose Janaki’s education to Jnanamba

While everyone waits for Mallika, they discuss about Jnanamba’s decision. They all request Janaki to take responsibility of the house but Janaki rejects their offer. Meanwhile, Mallika comes home with the newspaper and tells Jnanamba that she has to tell her some truth.

But the newspaper gets burnt out of some reasons. After that incident Jnanamba feels that an ill omen happened because of Mallika. So decides not to give responsibility to Mallika. While everyone in the family feels happy, Mallika feels sad as her plan got misfired. Will Mallika make any other plan to prove Janaki’s unknown side is to be watched in the next episode.

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