Bigg Boss Kannada: Arvind Fans List Abusive Words Used by Nidhi On Bigg Boss With Video Proof

2 Jul, 2021 09:42 IST|Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss Kannada season 8 contestant Nidhi is being trolled on Twitter since the last two days over the swalpa muchkoli issue. It all started when Aravind told Nidhi swalpa muchkoli while she was interpreting Aravind and Manju's conversation about the task. Nidhi got hurt by Aravind's rude behaviour. And when Aravind came to apologize to Nidhi, she lost her cool and questioned his sportsmanship. This is where the issue started, Aravind fans and BBK viewers slammed Nidhi for saying such disrespectful words.

To get back at Nidhi, Aravind fans have released a video that shows Nidhi using some bad words with contestants in the first innings. A lot of words have been beeped in the video indicating the number of times Nidhi has used slangs throughout this season. 

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Check Out the Video...

With this, Arvind fans have stated that Nidhi does not think while using such vulgar words to other contestants. So they are now questioning Nidhi as to how she can insult and fume at Aravind KP for saying "sawlpa muchkoli". By trending the hashtag #ApologiseToAravindKP, netizens are demanding that Nidhi say sorry  to Aravind KP.

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