Watch: Chakravarthy-Prashanth Ugly Fight in Bigg Boss House

2 Jul, 2021 11:20 IST|Sakshi Post
Pic: Colors Kannada

In any Bigg Boss show (irrespective of the language), contestants who enter the glass house share different equations with each other. A few will become thick friends while for some others, familiarity breeds contempt and they turn enemies in no time. 

Now, talking about Kannada Bigg Boss 8, as we all know, earlier in the first innings Chandrachud and Priyanka shared a good bond. But in the second innings, they had a fallout after developing differences. In fact,  Priyanka gave back to Chandrachud whenever he used inappropriate words with her. It is well known that Chandrachud and Prashanth often lose their cool over trivial matters. The two complement each other, and the viewers refer to them as the Gossip Kings of BBK8.

But in the recently released promo by Colors Kannada, it seems that the two gossips kings of Bigg Boss 8 is all set to get into a fight during the water task. In the promo, we can see Chandrachud and Prashanth getting into a heated argument about the task and when Prashanth gets close to Chandrachud he pushes him away by saying.

Bigg Boss viewers who saw this promo can't wait to see the full episode. Today being weekend, Colors Kannada will certainly draw more eyeballs considering this episode is going to be all spiced up. 

Netizens are also curious to see how Aravind KP, the team captain, will handle the fight between Prashanth and Chnadrachud.

Watch this space for updates.

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