Bigg Boss Kannada 8: Vaishnavi Fans Happy With Her Comeback in Second Innings

24 Jun, 2021 15:09 IST|Sakshi Post

As predicted the second innings of Bigg Boss Kanada season 8 is getting more popular than the first innings. The show's entertainment value will be higher this time around, compared to the first innings. Given that the contestants got a break for one month, they had ample time to watch the previous episodes and learn from their mistakes. As soon as the contestants entered the glass house in the pilot episode, Bigg Boss assigned them a task. While Divya Suresh won, Prashanth Sambargi became the captain of the house.

Now in tonight's episode, viewers are going to witness high drama between Vaishnavi and Chandrachud about Jodis. In the latest promo released by Chandrachud, he is believed to have said that there are three jodis in the house and he is ready to give mangal sutra (thali in kannada) to  them. Vaishnavi gets offended and hits back at Chandrachud telling him that he is not supposed to judge people or point at anyone. She asks him to stop assuming. Furthermore, Vaishnavi tells Chandrachud that he too is close to a few housemates, but she can't assume that there's something between them. But Chandrachud says that he behaves which angers Vaishnavi, who makes it clear to him that just because somebody feels comfortable around people does not necessarily mean they have an affair.

After seeing the promo, Vaishnavi fans and BBK viewers are happy with Vaishnavi's performance in the second innings. In the first innings of BBK8 Vaishnavi did not raise her voice. But now, netizens have seen her unknown side. They are saying that they are happy that at least now, Vaishnavi has started standing up for herself and for the others.

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