Bigg Boss 15: Nominations Change, Check New List Here

21 Oct, 2021 13:57 IST|Sakshi Post

The nominations this week on Bigg Boss 15 happened some time ago but looks like there were some changes after the recent task. The initial nominations for the week were Ieshaan Sehgal, Simba Nagpal, Afsana Khan, Umar Riaz, Shamita Shetty, Karan Kundrra, Vishal Kotian, and Miesha Iyer. Now there have been some changes to that.

After the task yesterday, there were changes in the nominations. In the end, there were some changes to the nominations. Here is the updated list.

  1. Shamita Shetty

  2. Karan Kundrra

  3. Vishal Kotian

  4. Umar Riaz

  5. Ieshaan Sehgaal

  6. Simba Nagpal

  7. Miesha Iyer

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Voting for this has started and fans are busy casting votes for their favorite contestant. It will be interesting to see who gets eliminated as all are strong contenders here. Many suggested Simba Nagpal’s name as he has not done much since the show started.

The audience demanded that Simba Nagpal be eliminated as he did not participate in the tasks and nor is he too active. In Bigg Boss 15, Simba and Akasa Singh are seen as the laziest contestants. It will not be surprising if Simba ends up getting eliminated this time.

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