BBK8: Chandrachud is Smabargi Version 2, Gossip More Than Female Contestants, Say Netizens

6 Apr, 2021 12:26 IST|Sakshi Post

Kannada Bigg Boss Season 8 is progressing at a brisk pace as there is a new twist in every episode. While the initial episodes were being dubbed as bland and without any spark by the BBK8 Viewers, the show seems to have gathered steam over the last week. 

When Chandrachud entered as a wild card entrant into Bigg Boss House netizens expected that there will a war between Prashanth Sambargi and Chandrachud someday. But the recent Bigg Boss promo which has been released by Colors Kannada has sprung a surprise on everyone. Prashanth Sambargi and Chandrachud are seen gossiping about other contestants. The two contestants appear to have became thick friends.

In the promo video, Prashanth and Chandrachud talk about how they will get the better of other..

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Netizens say that Chandrachud is version 2 of Prashanth Sambargi. And some are saying that it's surprising that male contestants are gossiping a lot than female contestants this season. They say that Prashanth and Chandrachud are more focused on other contestants than worrying about their own game.

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