Bigg Boss Telugu Top Three Contestants Waiting For RJ Kajal's elimination

11 Nov, 2021 07:30 IST|Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss Telugu is inching closer towards the grand finale and the competition between housemates is getting more fierce by the day. Some of them are feeling frustrated to stay in the house, as Bigg Boss makers are testing their patience levels with tasks they never imagined they would be taking part in. 

All the contestants in the Bigg Boss Telugu 5 house have started blaming themselves during the tasks. Recently, Maanas and Sunny were heard saying that Kajal is playing a double game with them. 

It is known that she also pushed them into elimination. Anee Master also started hating RJ Kajal as she also pushed her into the nominations too. Now, It appears these three contestants—Maanas, Sunny and Anne Master are eagerly waiting for RJ Kajal's elimination.

On the other hand, RJ Kajal is also in the danger zone as per unofficial polls in terms of vote count. If makers go with the regular format of eliminating contestants like it happens every Sunday, then, there's no way RJ Kajal is going to escape elimination. She is the weakest contestant in the house right now. Let's wait and watch to see whether RJ Kajal wuill get lucky this weekend.

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