Talasani's Challenge To Bhatti Comes In For Criticism

19 Sep, 2020 14:12 IST|Sakshi Post

What is the outcome of the Talasani Srinivas Yadav – Malli Bhatti Vikramarka spat over the two-bedroom houses in the GHMC area? Who has won or who lost? While both the parties are claiming the victory, it is clear that the TRS had lost the battle of perception.

The whole tiff began when Malli Bhatti Vikramarka raised the issue in the assembly and said that the Government is light years away from its target of one lakh two-bedroom houses. Instead of answering with facts and official statistics. Talasani challenged Bhatti for a visit  the housing complexes along with him. He even went over to Bhatti’s house and took him to different complexes.

Now, at the end of the two-day tour, it came to light that there are only 3428 houses and not one lakh as claimed in the GHMC limits. This has exposed the shortcoming on the part of the government. So, now the claims of Talasani lay exposed. Now, a section of the TRS is questioning the rationale of the whole challenge. The challenge has come at a time when the GHMC is getting ready for the polls. This would prove counter-productive, they argue. 

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