Six Shops Gutted In Fire Near Koti Andhra Bank In Hyderabad

7 Feb, 2021 11:31 IST|Sakshi Post

A huge fire broke out at Hyderabad Koti Andhra Bank junction on Saturday midnight. A fire broke out in a clothing store near the bank. As there were a lot of clothes in the shop, the fire quickly spread to the other five shops next door. The incident took place after the owners went home shutting down their shops. No person was injured and a major mishap was averted as nobody was present in the shop at the time of the fire accident. Only the garments in the shops caught fire.

Upon learning of the accident, shop owners rushed to the scene and were moved to tears by the sight of their shops on fire. At one point a shopkeeper went into the shops and tried to get the clothes out. But the police stopped him. Upon receiving information, fire and disaster management personnel pressed extinguishers into service and brought the blaze under control.

The shopkeepers rued that they had been running a clothing store in Koti for 40 years and that they had lost everything in the accident and now on the streets. They were angry that they had spent millions of rupees and recently brought new stock of clothes. The accident caused a major traffic jam and the police diverted the vehicles towards Andhra Bank.

However, police believe the accident may have been caused by a short circuit. The actual cause of the fire accident is yet to be known.

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