Srikakulam Female Officer Caught On Camera Taking Bribe From Businessman

7 Feb, 2021 11:31 IST|Sakshi Post

A senior officer who is working as a Deputy Chief Inspector of Factories, Srikakulam has been caught on camera while accepting bribe. Going into the details, Kusuma Kumari was caught red handed while accpeting a bribe from a businessman for giving him a certificate.

In the video that has come out, she made fun by showing the money directly to the CCTV cameras and thought that they havenot been working. But the video of the officer accepting bribe is going viral on social media platforms. Earlier, we have seen many officers caught red handed by ACB Sleuths but now this female officer was caught on camera. The face of the man who is giving the money couldn't be seen because he covered his face with a mask, may be due to coronavirus.

In another incident, on Thursday, the slueths of Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) arrested N.V. Ramana, an assistant engineer on the charge of accepting a bribe from a person. The incident took place in Chittivalasa sub-station of APEPDCL. The officer took Rs. 70,000 from a person as a bribe for doing a favour for him.

According to the reports, Ramana allegedly demanded the bribe from Rama Rao who is a resident of Sommannapalem village, for installation of six new electrical connections to his house. He raised a complaint with the ACB officials and later the ACB sleuths caught him red-handed while accepting bribe.

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