No Single COVID-19 Case Reported In This Village Of Jagtial

16 May, 2021 11:56 IST|Sakshi Post

The dangerous coronavirus is spreading like wildfire. People are worried about the current situation. With each passing day, the number of COVID-19 positive cases are rising.

Telangana is one of the states in India with more number of COVID-19 cases. Telangana on Saturday reported more than 4,900 cases and the total number of cases in the state crossed 5.2 lakh. The recovery rate in Telangana was 89. per cent.

Most of the villages in the Telangana state have coronavirus cases. But, a village in Jagtial of Telangana district has not reported a single COVID-19 case to date. Dammayapeta, a village in Malyala mandal, about 33 km from district headquarters and one km away from Kodimyal-Govindaram main road.

The population of Dammayapeta is 1,114 and it is situated in a forest area and is surrounded by hillocks. There are nearly 290 houses in the village and the distance between each house is 10 metres.

A special gram panchayat meeting was conducted in March, 2020 when the coronavirus pandemic had hit the world. The villagers were asked to take all the precautionary measures, maintain physical distance, wear mask, wash hands fequently, not to celebrate any function, go to other areas, etc.

The panchayat officials made it clear that if any villager shows symptoms they have to inform them. According to the reports, only one person was found with COVID-19 symptoms, however he tested negative. 

Village sarpanch Thuniki Narsaiah speaking to a news daily said that villagers supported a lot and they didn't have any function in the last one year. Recently, a youth got married in another village and it was attended by a few members. In the village, one vegetable vendor is allowed. He said that the atmosphere in the village also contributed a lot.

Basvapur is another village, situated in Jagadevpur mandal of Siddipet district that has reported no single COVID-19 case. It has a population of about 1,200 with about 375 houses.

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