Hyderabad Rains: Techie Washed Away by Open Drain

27 Sep, 2021 18:33 IST|Sakshi Post

HYDERABAD:  The body of a techie, who was washed away after falling into an open drain dug up for a drainage system here, was traced on Monday two days after the incident.

The man had gone out of his house here on September 25th night and accidentally fell into the open nala and was swept away. The Disaster Response Force of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation and the police took up a search operation for the man and his body was traced to Neknampur Lake, about 2 or 3 km from where he fell.

The man identified as Gopishetti Rajinikanth (42), fell into the open trench on Saturday night when it was raining heavily. He was working as a software engineer in Nova Green Company in Shadnagar. He had apparently come out of his house at 9 pm on Saturday night and fell into a drainage ditch that was under construction. The man's relatives identified the body which has been shifted to a Government hospital for a post-mortem.

A video of the man falling into the water was captured by local residents and it was broadcast by local TV channels. 

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