Lockdown Blues? Drive Around Any Place Under the Sun With This App

12 May, 2021 14:15 IST|Sakshi Post

The pandemic has hit us all really hard. Life at home, WFH and curfew have become the new normal. You sit at home and wonder what to do? You feel like going out and doing at least the regular things in life. While it might seem as though life has taken a boring turn, it is not exactly like that. If you search for it, there are many things to do.

People have come up with such creative ideas to enjoy the time at home. From binge-watching series to playing indoor games to downloading apps that will take you around the world, everything is available at the tip of your fingertips.

Now if I tell you that you can go for a drive on the lovely roads, no one will stop you. You can sit without a mask and it will not be a problem. While all this cannot happen in real life, you can at least get the feel of it.

An app called 'Musical Drive' takes you on the ride across different streets of the world. You can choose your city from the list and the app will take you through some of the landmarks of that city. Not just that, you can also choose from a list of stations to play some tunes. There are many options including Indian cities as well.

They have Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver and in Indian cities, you can go to Pune, Bangalore, Shimla, Sikkim, Hyderabad, Mumbai and more. Want to drive through the roads of Dubai and Abu Dhabi; well they have that too. The list is big and impressive for you to choose from.

This app was created by Khushil Shah. According to the reports, he got this idea after the exam cancellation last year and developed the app in May 2020.

Check the Site: musicaldrive.herokuapp.com 

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