Is Your Partner Cheating on You? Look Out For These Signs

22 Apr, 2022 16:44 IST|Sakshi Post

Why do people cheat

The dictionary defines cheating as “To deprive of something valuable by the use of deceit or fraud”. If only it was an act as straightforward as its definition, the aftermath of this act of cheating has the power of destroying lives. Cheating is a pattern of behaviour, but being vigilant is the key.

“Intuition is like reading a word without having to spell it out.” Agatha   Christie

Trust your gut feeling; Don’t overlook it, if you have, it is time to prioritize yourself by finding out whether your suspicions are accurate. There are always indicators of cheating, even if they’re subtle or hard to notice these clues might help.

“Do you believe a man can truly love a woman and constantly betray her? Well, it’s not easy but men do it all the time.”- Mario Puzo

 Signs you are being cheated on:

(i)Lying is an early sign of a cheating partner: it may start off as ‘innocent white lies that we tend to overlook. But being caught one too many times in these little white lies, then maybe it’s time to re-think who you’re placing your trust in.  

(ii) There is a change in how involved they are in your life: It could be a lack of interest in your life or make you feel bad about yourself. A person who cares for you would care about your needs.

(iii) Too busy to make any time for you: Simple questions seem like interrogations to them because they are afraid of getting caught. Prioritizing your relationship is important whether they are cheating or not.

(iv) Closed doors hidden secrets: Do they angle their phone screen away from you? Do they seem nervous when you are with their phone? Respect each other’s privacy but what seems fishy should be addressed.

(v) Being overly affectionate to distract you from catching on: You’ve raised your suspicions and their behaviour has completely changed is not always a good sign.

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“Let them believe that they're loved and wanted and then show them that it's all a sham.”-Agatha Christie

It might seem puzzling why people cheat. Psychologists have taken interest in this aspect of human behaviour. These are a few of those observations you might find helpful in gaining some perspective.

(i)  A cheater might turn to infidelity to avoid a fight with their partner about issues in the relationship; they might be seeking support for their relationship problems.

(ii) Avoiding intimacy: To put distance between them and their partner and in their physical relationship.

(iii) They might see cheating as “Evening the Score”, for something you did that might have hurt them.

(iv) Thrill-seeking, they just want to have some fun even at the expense of your wellbeing.

(v) Low self-esteem: They need constant attention to validate themselves. It could be through chatting with strangers, harmless flirting, or even something bigger.

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