Antano and Harini’s Novel Excellence Installation Concept Disrupts Traditional Forms of Personal Development

2 May, 2022 13:00 IST|Sakshi Post
Antano Solar John and Harini Ramachnadran, Co-founders A&H Consulting

Antano and Harini duo have embarked upon a journey in which they are solving a problem that has not been solved in the world. They are helping people to achieve significant outcomes in life within their life expectancy. Using the time-compression concept, they have helped schools achieve 100 percent pass percentage. They are sort of doing a job of life coaches and educators but they don't want to be identified as such. 

In conversation with Reshmi AR of Sakshi Post, the Co-founders of A&H Consulting Antano Solar John and Harini Lunar Ramachandran explained how they are using the niche concept Excellence Installations to help people achieve massive personal evolution in compressed time.

Q) Tell us about your business model?

There is a journey that leads you to success, fame, and riches. And then there is a journey that you embark upon, which allows you to take your unique impact to the masses and create something disruptive with the potential to change the trajectory of the world. And that has been the journey of Antano & Harini, Legacy Accelerators and Creators of the trillion dollars’ worth Excellence Installation Industry. 

It started with success, at a time when Antano & Harini were already at the pinnacle of their individual careers. Antano was one of the youngest CTOs at that time and had already authored tech books, upon receiving the invitation by one of the leading tech publishers, Packt. Harini, popularly known as Singer Megha in Southern India, had done playback for the likes of A.R. Rahman, Ilaiyaraja, Harris Jayaraj, D. Imman, Devi Sri Prasad, Thaman, amongst others.

At that time, upon a life-changing breakthrough that Antano personally did for Harini, the duo decided to embark upon a journey to help evolve people. As World-Class NLP Experts, being personally mentored & recommended by Dr John Grinder, Co-Originator of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Antano & Harini turned around several impossible life situations for individuals and conglomerates alike.

While creating an army of world-class change experts equipped with the transformational tools of NLP, Antano & Harini achieved a medical miracle when they helped Phani Kumar. A young IIT Graduate, Phani Kumar was left paralysed after an unfortunate car accident that caused a C5 fracture which means, beneath his neck, there were no movements that were possible and no sensations either. He was completely bedridden with almost no hope to regain movements ever. While medical science focused on helping Phani better adjust to the new reality of life, Antano worked with him personally to help him regain movements in his body. 6 months hence, the young graduate could regain movements in his fingers and toes,  sit upright, move around via wheelchair, become independent and got his old job back in the United States. This breakthrough is considered a medical marvel. 

And that’s not all! While continuing to take their unique impact to the masses, Antano & Harini also helped Academy Award Winning composer A.R. Rahman launched Sunshine Orchestra within 6 months with accelerated capability development. This included helping the underprivileged kids overcome limiting mindsets and beliefs while developing the capability of accelerated learning and assimilating from other genius musicians around, fast. Today, these children perform along with A.R Rahman and have even performed internationally on prestigious platforms such as the United Nations.

Having made the impossible possible in several cases, with first-in-the-world results in Business breakthroughs, Health, Family and Relationships, helping people achieve massive personal evolution in compressed time, and mentoring several of their participants to be able to create such unbelievable breakthroughs for other people in record time, Antano & Harini looked back at the unique outcomes that they had designed and achieved for each of the participants. Analysing the breakthroughs and seeing the long-term impact that they had on the participants, Antano & Harini started decoding their work. That was the genesis of Excellence Installation Technology. 

A disruption in personal evolution, EIT looks at the current capabilities and mindset of an individual, also their heartfelt desires, and bridges the gap between capabilities and intent. Excellence Installation has the wisdom & predictive intelligence to know which change to go after, that will have a long-term impact, equipping the individual to experience: 

● Time Compression: To grow and evolve at an unprecedented pace in Business, Health & Wellness, Family, and Legacy, in a way that long-stalled desires come true not in 10-20 years but in 2-3 years. 

● Integrated Life Outcomes: An ecologically designed personal evolution cycle that allows an individual to grow and evolve in every aspect of their life, including business, wellness, family, and legacy! 

Today, with Excellence Installations, Antano & Harini have produced over 50,000 unique and validated breakthroughs and stand tall as the world’s largest one-on-one mentoring platform.

Q) How are you helping people to realise their potential and target the success and achieve it at an appropriate time?

The potential of a person is always evolving. When a participant first comes to us at Antano & Harini, they have a particular view of their potential. However, after experiencing their first evolution cycle in compressed time, participants are astonished to discover their own maps of what they thought to be possible, expanding. In fact, what they originally thought was their potential, they now realise was an outcome just a breakthrough away.

Oftentimes, the impediments that we think we have are very different from the roadblocks that we actually have in life. In a diagnosis, we not only look at the current mindset, capabilities, and core competencies of an individual but also their innermost intent, desires and wishes. The unique capability gaps and disempowering mindsets are mapped against the breakthroughs led by Excellence Installations. A breakthrough of such extent and intensity, works at a level of our neurology and results in the automatic generation of new choices & behaviours in real-time that feel natural.

You see, patterns are biochemical in nature. They are hard-coded in our neurology. This is why you find people who are aware of their behaviours and actions and yet don’t have a choice but to repeat the pattern. An Excellence Installation-led breakthrough works at the level of biochemistry, allowing our participants to create new choices. The results are visible, not only in almost instant shifts in behaviours, thoughts & mindsets but also in the very vibe of an individual.

Q) How many customers have you serviced? Please share any success stories?

With 50,000 breakthroughs & counting, Antano & Harini is the largest one-on-one mentoring platform in the world. From A.R. Rahman (for Sunshine Orchestra) to Sudha Raghunathan, Blossom Kochhar and more, we have worked with legends including Academy & Grammy Award winners, Padma Bhushan awardees, international-level athletes, Billion Dollar Business Owners, Investors, Actors, Doctors, Lawyers, Entrepreneurs, Top Executives from the Fortune 500 and more.   

● With EIT, Entrepreneurs have experienced unprecedented growth. EIT-enabled ‘Close The Deal’ program was helmed as the ‘Booster dose for Indian Economy’. Some of the EIT-enabled start-ups & EIT Entrepreneurs incubated by Antano & Harini are today well-established names in the field of wellness, education, media, coaching, etc.

● Evolving Families, with EIT being the invisible glue for over 2,500 families and transformed 10,000+ family relationships.

● A.R. Rahman’s Sunshine Orchestra’s under-privileged children who were learning music became global-stage-ready in record time

● Schools have experienced 100% pass percentages, which hasn’t happened in the history of their existence  

● Doctors have turned around psychosomatic health challenges for which there is no medical cure. 

EIT has demonstrated potential for disrupting several industries with extremely impressive results that have stood the test of time. Thus, EIT Education is being rapidly adopted by industry leaders across various sectors in Education, Healthcare, Entrepreneurship, Sports, and Media. Antano and Harini received the ‘Award of Honour’ from the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment for delivering social impact by altering the life trajectory of individuals with Excellence Installation Technology.

Q) Why did you choose this domain?

We didn’t choose the domain but the domain chose us!

And that is true for any researcher, inventor or disruptor. They stumble upon something that they were not seeking, in particular, but were blown away by the scope of possibilities, once they did.

We embarked upon a journey to leverage the most advanced and world-class tools to help people transform. In the due course, we started recognising how our methods were helping them evolve at the very core, in all contexts of their lives: business, health, wellness, family, relationships, and legacy outcomes, all together, simultaneously.

By meticulously mapping each of the journeys of our participants, we realised that we are solving a problem that has not been solved in the world. That we are enabling people to compress time in achieving significant outcomes in life. Think of it this way, while the world is trying to increase the life expectancy of people, because it is believed that contributions from some people can change the trajectory of the world, with Excellence Installations, we help people achieve exponentially more life outcomes within the finite years. That’s only possible with the time-compression impact of our precise and strategic life outcomes.

Thus, when we realised that the work that we are doing can change the trajectories of humans, and by its extension, of the world, we had to answer this calling and venture out into the business of evolving people.

Q) Do you think in a country like India people will consider it a serious issue?

In an emerging economy like India, approximately 43% of people are employed, as per World Bank data. And that’s just employment, without any necessary career acceleration. While India is a mass producer of talent, talented individuals struggle to make it big! And often, we have discovered that helping these talented individuals complete a missing arc through excellence installations, enables them to completely shift their financial trajectory. Thus, from a career acceleration standpoint, there is immense scope for excellence installations in India.

In addition, Excellence Installations is expected to become an industry worth USD 2 Billion in B2B implementation alone. While India is the 3rd largest market for family-owned businesses, only 15% of these businesses have a robust succession plan. Furthermore, the preventive healthcare market in India is expected to reach INR 14.58 Trillion by 2025.

Furthermore, we are driven towards creating 1 lakh Excellence Installation Specialists, who not only would have personally evolved at an unprecedented pace, but they would also be equipped with the skills necessary to evolve their family members, business associates and anyone they care about. To fully understand the scope of it, imagine a time when the field of medical science wasn’t as developed as it is today. Before the time when medical colleges existed, there were hardly a few practitioners and the common public suffered at the hands of shorter life expectancies and lower standards of living. But now, the field of medical science has advanced in leaps and bounds, where we can imagine solutions to eradicate diseases completely and add more years to our life. The emergence of 1 lakh Excellence Installation Specialists would mean that the world would have countless models of personal excellence in varied contexts, be it business, health, wellness, education, consulting and more.

Q) Any suggestions for entrepreneurs? Why should they consider you?

With EIT, entrepreneurs have experienced unprecedented growth. EIT-enabled ‘Close The Deal’ program was helmed as the ‘Booster dose for Indian Economy’. Countless aspiring entrepreneurs, MSME & SMB owners, and corporate professionals amongst others participated in the Close The Deal program to completely alter their financial trajectories.

Some of the EIT-enabled start-ups & EIT Entrepreneurs incubated by Antano & Harini are today well-established names in the field of wellness, education, media, coaching, etc. By shaping talent evolution in every sector, Excellence Installations is an enabler like Information Technology and a potential trillion-dollar industry, globally.

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