Vistara Airlines Penalised for Violating Landing Norms, Endangering Passengers’ Lives

2 Jun, 2022 17:49 IST|Sakshi Post

The aviation regulator Directorate General of Civil Aviation( DGCA), has imposed a fine of Rs10 lakh on Vistara Airlines for violating flight landing norms and endangering passengers' lives.

The DGCA regulation says “serious violation( had risked) lives of everyone on board ” the Airbus A320 operating as UK913 from Delhi to Indore on August 9, 2021.

“Vistara Airlines has been fined for violating landing norms and giving takeoff concurrence to the first officer without any proper training and also with no help from the pilot. Training is conducted for the first officer to land an aircraft in the simulator before they can do it at the aircraft with passengers on board. In the same way, a captain is also trained at a simulator before he/ she can give landing to the first officer ’” said a senior DGCA official.

“A supervised take-off and landing was conducted on a flight to Indore in August 2021 under the supervision of an experienced captain. The pilots were adequately trained and in possession of valid STL certificates issued by their former employer for which Vistara claimed the credit. Vistara voluntarily reported to regulatory authorities that the same training which was to be conducted again in line with regulatory requirements was missed, leading to the regrettable violation. Vistara always puts the safety of passengers and staff as its top priority,” a Statement from Vistara Airlines read.

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