Divya Vani Exposes Dirty Picture, Reveals Why Jaya Sudha, Jaya Prada And Ali Left TDP

2 Jun, 2022 17:46 IST|Sakshi Post
Divya Vani

Actress-turned-politician and Telugu Desam Party  Officials spokesperson Divya Vani on Thursday confirmed that she was quitting the party in a press meet on Thursday while sharing her ordeal and the ‘dirty politics’ within the party echelons. An emotional Divya Vani burst into tears within minutes of addressing the reporters while speaking about why she quit the party.

Some ‘idiots’ spoke non-sense about me, saying I had taken a package from Naidu for continuing in the party,” she alleged without taking names first. She said she had waited till the last minute to take the hard decision, for getting clarity of mind. I was not given time to speak at Mahanadu, though I have been rendering selfless service to the party, I have not got any recognition,” she lamented.There was no resolution taken for the Bharat Ratna award to be conferred on the party founder the late NT Rama Rao, during Mahanadu, she mentioned.

She revealed that for the past one and half years she was facing troubles within the party. Despite living in Hyderabad with my family I have made it a point to attend every meeting in Andhra, Divya Vani said.

She also spoke about how the religious sentiments of the Christians were hurt by some of the statements made by TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu against conversions. I am Christian and have worked for God. I questioned him about these comments and I was targeted for speaking the truth, she said. There were some people who criticized me for invoking God's prayers during meetings.

I have no need to flatter anyone and have always spoken the truth with Chandrababu and his son Nara Lokesh. I was denied the opportunity to hold a press meeting about this issue and I questioned TD Janardhan about this and was subjected to humiliation and troubled by the party members. Despite being the official spokesperson I had no power, she lamented. I was not given the opportunity to speak or hold press meets. I even criticized PM Modi at their behest and Chandrababu has to reflect upon this if he has any conscience, Divya Vani said.

Speaking further, she said that they had stopped her at the gate when called for a meeting by an office boy. " All this because I had questioned this person named TD Janardhan," she revealed further. They also insulted her in Vijayawada MP Kesineni’s Office and subjected her to many insults.

" Chandrababu’s PA Rajagopal also insulted me by not giving me his appointment despite me waiting for hours to meet him. Even to the point, Chandrababu had rebuffed me many times but I never complained. Chandrababu has a coterie of thieves around him and they don’t let you speak to him. There are four people who call the shots there and if women want opportunities they must do whatever these four people say," she said without naming the four people. She also stated that MLA N Balakrishna never stepped foot in Amaravati during their fight for the farmers. 

" I have not decided as yet about which party I will join, but one thing I can say is that the women cadre in the TDP  are very unhappy. Maybe that is why former members Jaya Sudha, Jaya Prada, Roja, and Ali had left the party because of this kind of treatment," Divya Vani stated.

Divya Vani Exclusive Interview After Resignation

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