Pakistan Couple Pose With Lion Cub At Wedding, Twitterati Outraged

15 Mar, 2021 13:26 IST|Sakshi Post

A Pakistani couple posed for cameras with a sedated lion cub as part of the wedding photoshoot. The images from their wedding photoshoot were shared on the Instagram account of 'Studio Afzl', a Lahore-based photo studio. Within no time, images went viral and the newlyweds have been criticized severely on all social media platforms. The hashtag #SherdiRani is trending on Twitter. 

Reacting to the news, the studio clarified that they don't own the animal and it wasn't tranquilized either. They further added that the animal's owner was also present during the shoot and claimed that the animal was enjoying and living freely.

Save The Wild, an animal welfare organization in Pakistan shared the video and tweeted saying, "@PunjabWildlife does your permit allow for a lion cub to be rented out for ceremonies? Look at this poor cub sedated and being used as a prop. This studio is in Lahore where this cub is being kept. Rescue him please." Here is the tweet.

One of the Twitter users wrote, "What's wrong with people, a sedated Lion Cub as "prop" the couple starting a new life &  the studio who did that should be ashamed, it's about time @GovtofPunjabPK must rethink their "captive breeding" policy, from political rallies to wedding shoots, animals as Props, it's sick."

The wedding has become a hot topic of discussion on social media. Have a look at people's reaction to this on Twitter...


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