India's Covidshield Vaccine Gets UK Nod

23 Sep, 2021 14:58 IST|Sakshi Post

Covidshield Vaccine Gets UK Nod. 

After a lot of discussion and backlash, the United Kingdom has finally agreed to give a nod to Covishield. The vaccine has now been included in the United Kingdom’s list of trusted vaccines. But there are still few contingencies to it.

Now Covishield manufactured by Serum Institute of India is on the list. But as for India, it is still under the list where travelers coming from this country should be under quarantine. The rules have not been relaxed fully for now. It will come into force from October 4.

There is a doubt regarding Indian Covid vaccination certification. The UK raised certain concerns over it. That is why, even when a person is fully vaccinated, even with Covishield, is coming from India then they will have to stay in quarantine as soon as they arrive in the UK. This will obviously be with relaxed rules, from October 4.

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India is no longer on the UK’s red list but the work is on. The UK is currently working on resolving the issue with Indian travelers. After a lot of backlash and controversies with Indians not being given quarantine with relaxed norms, there was an issue. India retaliated and said that they would be doing the same for citizens coming from their country.

British High Commissioner recently said that they are clear with Covishield. There are a lot of people coming from India for various purposes. The UK has also issued many student visas.

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