Fact Check: Women Can Take COVID-19 Vaccine During Menstruation

25 Apr, 2021 12:06 IST|Sakshi Post

A few days ago, the centre announced that those who are above 18 years of age can take the COVID-19 vaccine starting from May 1st. Several women have raised concerns over taking the shots of coronavirus vaccine during periods (Menstruation). A post claiming that girls shouldn't take coronavirus vaccine five days before and after their menstrual cycle went viral on all social media platforms. In the post, it was written that women should not take the vaccine five days before or after their periods as their immunity is very less during periods. Most of the women worried looking at this post. 

The government on Saturday appealed to the public stating that there is no truth in this news. Quashing the rumours, the PIB took to its Twitter and tweeted, "#Fake post circulating on social media claims that women should not take #COVID19Vaccine 5 days before and after their menstrual cycle. Don't fall for rumours! All people above 18 should get vaccinated after May 1." Here is the post.

Several doctors and activists also took to Twitter to quash the claim that women shouldn't take vaccines five days before and after their periods.
Gynaecologist Dr Munjaal V Kapadia said that there is no data linking the vaccines to changes in menstruation. Periods have no effect on the vaccine efficacy and appealed to all women to take their jabs as soon as possible. Here is the tweet made by Munjaal.

Japleen Pasrciha tweeted, "Hi menstruators, if you’re receiving messages such as people who menstruate should not take the #CovidVaccine during or near their menstrual cycles, please know it’s completely crap. There is no such health issue."

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