Tamil Nadu Opinion Poll | Times Now pre-poll Survey 2021: DMK-Congress May Win, MK Stalin For CM

9 Mar, 2021 12:06 IST|Sakshi Post

The Times Now C-Voter Opinion Poll was conducted earlier and the results were such that the DMK-Congress alliance was expected to win 154 to 162 seats in Tamil Nadu. The poll also gave an insight into what the public feels regarding their upcoming Chief Minister.

The United Progressive Alliance (UPA) will most likely win 158 seats in the TN elections. This means it is 60 seats more when compared to the last elections in 2016. National Democratic Alliance's (NDA) is in for a massive fall. If we go by the Times Now-C-Voter opinion poll, then the NDA will win around 65 seats this year.

NDA will win 65 seats this year when compared to their 136 tally in the 2016 elections. We will know what happens during the election that is to be held on April 6. It will be a single-phase election with a vote count done on May 2.

DMK MP Kanimozhi spoke about the poll and said that she is hoping the numbers would be even higher. Feels that the seats will be more for DMK. People are yearning for a change and they will get that.

The poll also had a look at the possible Chief Minister candidates. There was a list of potential leaders that could become the CM and the public voted highest for one particular leader. DMK president M K Stalin got the highest percentage of votes. He was leading and had a total of 38.4 per cent votes to him.

This was the poll result   

  • MK Stalin: 38.4%

  • EK Palaniswami: 31%

  • Kamal Haasan: 7.4%

  • Rajinikanth: 4.3%

  • VK Sasikala: 3.9%

  • O Panneerselvam: 2.6%

  • Dr S. Ramadoss: 2.5%

  • KS Alagiri: 1.7%

  • Others: 8.2%

If we are to go by the poll results, there are high chances of MK Stalin becoming the next CM.

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