Kpop Star Jessi Has A Crush on BTS Jungkook

20 Mar, 2021 11:38 IST|Sakshi Post

The South Korean hip hop star, Jessi has recently shared that she has a crush on BTS’ maknae Jeon Jungkook. On the latest episode of her talk show, Jessi shared that lately, she has been into Jungkook and the reason behind it.

On March 17, Jessi made her comeback and during the episode where she spoke about the comeback, she also revealed her crush. She performed her song, the single, single 'What Type of X' on Jessi's Showterview episode. Jessi spoke about the song making process and about the latest comeback. After this, the Hip Hop star went on to take fan questions.

One fan asked about Jessi’s latest interest and who she has been into lately. Jessi didn’t reveal at first and just said that it was someone from the global sensation boyband BTS. Jessi’s eternal crush has been actor Ha Jung Woo and she has talked about that a lot. Her fans are aware of the singer’s admiration for Ha Jung Woo. But this time, it was someone else, she named.

When Jessi didn’t reveal any name but just said that it is someone from BTS and this particular member has gotten pretty manly lately, the host immediately understood. The co-host Cho Jung Shik asked if it was member Jungkook.

Jessi was surprised that her co-host had guessed it correctly and spoke about an ad film that they did together. She shared that BTS and she were together in an advertisement. At that time, they were really young. But now they have all grown up and became so manly. Their faces in particular have become really masculine.

Following this revelation on the show, fans teased Jessi and send her a ‘Lemona’ with Jungkook’s face on it. BTS are the brand models of the Vitamin C drink Lemona. So to have fun, fans decided to send a Lemona drink box to Jessi with Jungkook’s face.

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