BBK8: Netizens Troll Bigg Boss Makers For Sending Shankar Ashwath to Jail

20 Mar, 2021 11:56 IST|Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8 young contestant Vishwanath is being dubbed as the best performer of the week inside the Bigg Boss house. Captain Aravind KP congratulated Viswanath with a medal and declared him as the best performer of the third week.

Bigg Boss contestants inside the glass house voted Vishwa as the best performer based on Vishwa's performance in all the tasks initiated by Bigg Boss over the week. Meanwhile, the senior-most contestant of the season Shankar Ashwath was tagged as the worst performer of the week. As a part of punishment, Bigg Boss sent Shankar Ashwath to jail.

Netizens are trolling Bigg Boss show makers asking them if Shankar Ashwath deserves to stay in jail for performing poorly in a task. They also say that Divya Suresh is playing safe using Manju as her weapon. The netizens are eagerly waiting for today's promo and want to know who will be eliminated.

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