BTS Meal Sales Soar as K Pop Fans Rush To McDonald's

12 Jun, 2021 11:27 IST|Sakshi Post

The South Korean boyband BTS is one of the top artists in the world. This seven-member band has a huge fandom named ARMY. Their popularity goes beyond music. Be it the purchase of merch or streaming of the song or anything else, these fans are always ready.

Recently BTS collaborated with McDonald's for a special meal. It was available in many countries including South Korea, the US, India and more. When we talk about BTS, we know how popular the band is. Their albums, concert tours, merch and just about anything that the band releases is sold out in minutes, so it comes as no surprise that cars were lining outside the drive-through when the BTS meal was first launched in the USA.

The meal comes with 10 pieces of chicken nuggets, fries, coke and two dips (Cajun and sweet chilli sauce). This combo was decided by the band itself. The meal has such a high demand that few of the McDonald’s outlets couldn’t keep up with the orders.

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Owing to the Covid situation, many countries only allowed take-outs or delivery to avoid large crowds. But seems like even that didn’t help them much as McDonald's was overwhelmed with orders. The delivery guys were lining up outside the outlets waiting to receive the package.

Talking about the incident at McDonald's Indonesia, it was certainly a menacing situation. Delivery drivers started getting impatient as there was too much delay in the orders. The McDonald's employees couldn’t keep up and all this led to chaos. Many drivers started flocking in front of counters. The situation went out of hand and even the police had to intervene. As things got too bad, some of the outlets closed down and many orders were cancelled.

BTS x McDonald's collab was first announced on April 19. Their tweet went viral in no time. A lot of pictures and advertisement video was released that was shot exclusively for the collab. This was termed as one of the biggest collabs McDonald's ever had as their previous ones including J Balvin and Travis Scott meals weren’t available, globally. Plus knowing about the power of ARMYs and the demand for BTS Meal, this is certainly the biggest collab McDonald's ever had.

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