Real COVID Warriors: Hyderabad Youth Volunteers Conduct Last Rites Of COVID Victims

25 Apr, 2021 13:33 IST|Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: Earlier it was reported that the families of Covid patients are suffering as they have to pay a hefty amount to get the last rites done.

In a news report from Hyderabad, it was said that the families of Covid19 victims are now facing difficulties performing the last rites as the cost for it has sky-rocketed. Those who help with cremation usually charge Rs 500 but now the amount has gone up in thousands. One family had to pay Rs 30,000 for cremation.

The kin of the victims is suffering due to this as the crematoriums are trying to benefit from this situation. These charges are being levied in the name of extra precaution for Covid19, claiming that they would need resources to bury a Covid19 victim’s body. Even with all these claims, many families are alleging that they do not get proper service.

To help these families with the funeral, a city-based organization, Youth for Welfare, has volunteered to perform the last rites. These volunteers have helped with more than 1,800 funerals.

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A spokesperson from the welfare shared that this decision was taken by their founder who lost his relative to Covid19. He faced difficulties with the funeral and with performing last rites. He didn’t want others to feel the same way and decided to help in any way he can.

These volunteers will perform the last rites and the funeral while taking all the necessary precautions. When they get a request, it becomes their responsibility to collect the body and do the needful. They take care of everything. They wear PPE kits and also provide them to a family member attending the funeral.

The spokesperson and volunteer, Mohammed Zeeshan Ali Khan shared that what matters is that we keep in mind all the traditions. Following and respecting the religious sentiments of a person is important. That is why the volunteers will perform the last rites accordingly and respect the family’s decision.

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