TikTok DIY Skin Beauty Hack Leads to Temporary Loss Of Vision

12 May, 2021 18:05 IST|Sakshi Post
Tilly Whitfield

For those obsessed with trying beauty hacks seen on the internet and trying them out at home, here's some news for you... Before you even think of trying anything which would end up harming you check out Tilly Whitfield's story.

A contestant for Australian Big Brother, Tilly tried experimenting with a TikTok beauty hack.

Unfortunately, it went like     this...                                         to this!

For the damage done to her skin, she has to come on the show with her skin covered in a clay mask or heavy makeup. After viewers started asking why, she took to Instagram to explain, posting a series of photos showing her skin  which was streaked red  from cheek to cheek and inflamed

As per insta post, she said that the  damage was the result of an “at-home beauty procedure,” she explained, adding that she actually wound up in the hospital due to swelling in her eye and became “very sick from the infection.”

So what exactly did she do to her face?

Tilly explained that she literally shoved needles deep into her skin using the micro needling popularly known as derma rolling in India. The derma-micro needling involves a process of using tiny needles which are used to activate collagen in facial skin to make it look more youthful.

This sort of treatment has to be done by experts, preferably ''qualified Dermatologists''. It is usually done to clear acne and hyperpigmentation, but it is risky to do at home using the off-the-shelf derma rollers. These rollers have to be sterile and doing the procedure using YouTube and Tik Tok videos is NOT recommended.

Check out her story here:

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As per reports, these videos are popular on TikTok, where the #microneedling hashtag currently has 177 million views.

 As Whitfield says, “Leave it to the professionals.”

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