Cyberabad Police Promotes Safety Trend With Mahesh Babu Photo

12 May, 2021 17:36 IST|Sakshi Post

The Cyberabad Police Department has always been creative in educating the public, whether in traffic or Corona. For this, heroes' pictures, movie posters, and well-known dialogues were used.

 As the Corona second wave is currently sweeping the world, Cyberabad police raised awareness of Covid19 by using Mahesh Babu's picture.

Cyberabad police shared a tweet in that Mahesh Babu was seen as wearing denim jeans and a jacket. They labelled the image as the Denim on Denim fashion trend and the 'Mask on Mask' safety trend. The picture has gone viral and netizens are praising the Cyberabad police's innovative ideas.

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