Spoiler Alert Janaki Kalaganaledu Today's Episode May 18: Jnanamba Hurts Janaki

18 May, 2021 13:05 IST|Sakshi Post

After Janaki and Rama Chandra return from the temple, Jnanamba questions Jaanu about the books found in her suitcase. While Jaanu tries to tell them about the books, Yogi comes and tells them that the books belong to him.

Jnanamba feels relaxed after Yogi says that. Janaki becomes puzzled as to why Yogi lied to Jnanamba about her books. She decides to go to his house to know what exactly happened. She asks Rama for permission and he asks her to take permission from his mother.

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When Jaanu asks her MIL about visiting her brother, Jnanamba refuses and tells her to go another day if needed. Meantime, Mallika tries to instigate Janaki against Jnanamba as she did not let Jaanu go to her home.

When Jaanu phones Urmila to know about Yogi's behaviour, Yogi does not let her pick up the call. Yogi reveals the truth that Jaanu got married to Rama as he told that Jaanu studied only till Class 5. Urmila gets shocked after learning the truth. How will Urmila react to this situation is to be watched in the episode. 

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