BTS V Cameo Confirmed In J-Hope More Official MV

7 Jul, 2022 16:25 IST|Sakshi Post

As a part of J-Hope's solo album ‘Jack In the Box’, J-Hope released a solo track titled More. And it is finally confirmed in the Behind the scenes Music Video making released by BigHit, in its YouTube channel, BTS V made a cameo in the ‘More’ song.

BTS fans expected early on the day of the song release, that there would be a BTS V cameo in the ‘More’ song. But it is now confirmed. 

BTS J Hope took to Instagram and asked fans to find the V in the video, and he also shared some glimpses of BTS V surprising him in the shoot.

The behind-the-scenes video released by BigHit shows that BTS V came to the sets of ‘More’ official Music Video, and surprised

J-Hope. He says that he also wants to be a part of the shoot. Later, he was seen saying he is so tense that he might be recognised by his new ear piercing.

In the official music video of ‘More’, BTS V was seen as a staff member working in the office, which was shot in slow motion. 

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