Bigg Boss 3 Contestant Himaja Reveals Her Remuneration

8 Nov, 2020 11:28 IST|Sakshi Post

The topic of contestants' remuneration keeps coming up every time a new season of Bigg Boss reality show starts. There is a lot of discussion on the subject like, which contestant is getting the highest remuneration for this season...What is the actual remuneration for these contestants? Etc. Despite these rumours, the remuneration given to them still remains unknown to the public.

Bigg Boss Season 3 contestant actress Himaja spoke about her remuneration. Speaking in an interview recently, she said that Bigg Boss paid her a huge amount of remuneration. She said that the payment was something more than what she received for acting in movies. With the remuneration she got for it  she said that she purchased a new house, however, Himaja did not reveal the amount paid to her, but one can estimate the amount since she bought a house.

Nothing is scripted

Himaja also clarified that what is shown in the Big Boss show is not scripted and is natural. She said that she doesn’t know about past seasons and current season, but the season she participated was not scripted and because of the editing it was made to look like it was scripted. "We were told to move freely and be ourselves while participating in the contest, she clarified.

When asked about her rift with actress Hema, Himaja refused to comment on it saying that it was personal and would like to talk about it.

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