Wife Kills Husband In Hyderabad, Portrays It As Suicide

28 Jun, 2020 15:11 IST|Sakshi Post

HYDERABAD: A 32-year-old woman Sukanya allegedly killed her husband Prabhakar on Saturday as she could not tolerate her husband living with another woman. Police said she tried to portray her husband's death case as died by suicide.

According to reports, the couple Prabhakaran and Sukanya belong to Chennai and were accused in the money-back policy scheme.

In 2012, the Tamil Nadu CID police arrested Prabhakaran in a Rs 500 crore money back policy cheating racket and Sukanya was arrested in 2013. They are presently out on bail. Prabhakaran managed to get bail within a year, but Sukanya could not and was in prison for five years from 2013 to 2018.

After she was released from jail, she used to stay with her relatives along with her children at Chandragiri in Andhra Pradesh as she could not find her husband's information.

Recently, she came to know about her husband that he was residing at Andal Nagar in Moula Ali of Hyderabad and came to meet him along with her three children ten days ago. To her shock, she found that her husband is living with another woman. He told her that the woman was his caretaker as he was suffering from paralysis. However, Sukanya sent the other woman out of their house as she wanted to live with her husband.

He demanded that she (another woman) returned home and also started harassing her. Unable to bear the torture of her husband, she decided to put an end to his life. She smothered and killed him and even as she tried to portray it as suicide and called police.

Upon learning the information, police have reached the spot and shifted the corpse for postmortem and registered a suspicious death case.

However, police grew suspicious over the death as she was refused to lodge a complaint and behaved in a suspicious manner. Upon suspicion, police questioned Sukanya for her husband's death in which she admitted to killing him.

She confessed that unable to bear torture and also angry over her husband that he had been living with another woman, she killed him.

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