Vizianagaram: Drunk Auto Driver Kills Wife For Questioning His Alcoholism

31 Mar, 2021 15:50 IST|Sakshi Post

Vizianagaram: A tragic incident took place in the Vizianagaram district of Andhra Pradesh. A man killed his wife for asking him why he came home drunk. The man brutally killed his wife. Later, he made it look like a suicide. But he was caught after the police found a clue.

This incident took place in Kanimaraka Lane of Ramabhadrapuram Mandal from Vizanagaram District. According to the details shared by the police, a man belonging to the village, Majji Ramesh married Venkata Lakshmi (34) twelve years ago. They don't have any children. Ramesh was an auto driver. He made a living transporting villagers in his auto.

Ramesh fell prey to alcoholism. There was constant bickering at his home due to his liquor addiction. On Sunday night, around 09:30 pm, Ramesh came home drunk. Venkata Lakshmi questioned him on why he consumed alcohol. With this, the fighting between them escalated.

In a fit of anger and rage, Ramesh took a knife he found nearby and hit Venkata Lakshmi hard on her head. Venkata Lakshmi fell, and her condition was critical. Taking this as an opportunity, Ramesh tied a rope to Venkata Lakshmi's neck, and pulled the rope onto the pillar in the house, and hung her to make it look like a suicide.

Later, he tried to convince his relatives and locals that Venkata Lakshmi had committed suicide. DSP Subhash, CI Appalanaidu, SI Krishnamurthy reached the location of the incident and searched the premises, and registered a case.

However, police personnel noticed that Ramesh's clothes had blood stains on them. With this, the police personnel took Ramesh into custody for further questioning.

During the police interrogation, Ramesh agreed to killing Venkata Lakshmi and staging her suicide. Ramesh has been arrested by the police following the interrogation. 

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