Mallareddy Falls During A Kabaddi Match in Boduppal

31 Mar, 2021 15:41 IST|Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: It is common knowledge that the ever-busy politicians, be it Ministers, or Leaders are rarely known to gel with the locals during public gatherings. Telangana minister Harish Rao is known to play cricket with the locals in Siddipet sometimes.

Recently Minister Mallareddy also wanted to show his caliber during a local Kabaddi game competition in a similar manner. Mallareddy took part in a local Kabaddi match with much enthusiasm. But in a few minutes of entering the Kabaddi match, he fell. 

While playing in the Kabaddi match Mallareddy slipped and fell. To win in the game, with much enthusiasm, Mallareddy lifted his leg to touch the opponent and tried to oust them from the game, and in this process, he lost his balance, slipped, and fell. However, people around him acted quickly, came to his rescue, and lent him a hand to help him get up from the floor. But Mallareddy is said to have felt embarrassed for his fall during the Kabbadi game.

The Boduppal Municipal Corporation's 68th State level senior female and male Kabbadi competition and inauguration programme were held recently, and Ministers Mallareddy and Srinivas Goud took part in it. To pump up the adrenaline and encourage the players of the Kabbadi Competition, Mallareddy took part in the game, and while playing the game, he fell to the ground but got up with help from people around him. However, he did not sustain any injuries during his fall at the Kabbadi Competition match. 

The Kabaddi competition was also attended by Kasani Gnaneshwar, Mayors Buchireddy, Venkat Reddy, Deputy Mayors Lakshmi Goud, Shiva Goud, JD (U) Vice Chairman Venkatesh, MPP Sudarshan Reddy, Sanjeevareddy, Dayakar Reddy, local corporators, and others.

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