Proddatur: Stalker Attacks Woman With Knife, Goes Absconding

23 Jan, 2021 12:07 IST|Sakshi Post

The woman suffered severe injuries to the head and arms.

Police are on the look-out for the accused.

Proddatur: On Friday in Netajinagar of Proddatur town, a maniac named Sunil from Vivekananda Colony attacked a young woman named Jollu Lavanya with a knife. Lavanya was stalked by Sunil for her love, upon being rejected repeatedly; he attacked her with a knife in anger. He had been harassing the young woman for three months to make her love him.

Sadly, Lavanya lived in fear whenever he appeared around town. Even after repeatedly explaining that she was not interested in him, he kept harassing her. As she rejected his proposal for love, Sunil went to Lavanya's house and attacked her with a knife. Due to the deadly assault, the young woman was severely injured, according to one town police.

Lavanya's parents Srinivas and Bharathi run an egg shop in the new market. They have another daughter as well along with Lavanya. Lavanya has recently completed Intermediate. She wanted to enroll in B-Tech in a college in Vijayawada. Lavanya was scheduled to leave for Vijayawada on Sunday. Both her parents went to the store on Friday morning, while Lavanya was alone at home. Before leaving, Srinivas told his daughter Lavanya to lock the gate and the house from inside and to be careful.

Sunil somehow found out that her parents have left for the shop and realized that Lavanya was home alone. He appeared at her house and started knocking on her door and forced his way in. Unknowingly Lavanya opened the door and he started harassing Lavanya to accept his love and to get married to him. But when the young woman refused, he became agitated and out-of-control. He indiscriminately attacked the young woman with the knife he had brought along. The attack resulted in severe injuries to her hands and head.

Leaving the knife there Sunil fled the scene. Locals rushed her to the District Hospital immediately after seeing her in a pool of blood. Her condition was critical and she was taken to Kadapa Rims Hospital after first aid. She was brought to Kadapa Rims from Proddatur on Friday to provide better medical services. The parents rushed to the hospital after learning that their daughter had been assaulted. Mother Bharathi wept as she saw her daughter soaked in blood. She lodged a complaint with the police. In her complaint, she stated that "Sunil has been harassing my child for three months. Even when my daughter told him, she doesn't like him, he kept following her. He used to come to the street with two or three friends every day and harass her. Don't leave him, sir," she lamented outside the hospital. Lavanya had earlier lodged complaints with the Police regarding this several times.

One Town CI Nagraj and SI Shivshankar inspected the spot and responded to the incident. The case is being registered and investigated as per the complaint of Lavanya's mother Bharathi, the CI said. He said that special teams had been set up to catch Sunil.

She was visited by ICDS PD Padmaja, along with her staff. The parents of the student were assured that justice will prevail and that they would be help available for medical and legal needs. APD Nirmala Devi, the One-Stop Center Administrator, Ashwini, SI Kamalbi, DCPO Subhash Yadav, and PO Kamal Kumar were also present. 

CPI district secretary Ishwaraya, city secretary Venkatasiva and district working committee members P.S. Chandrasekhar, TDP leader Jayachandra, AP Mahila Samakhya city secretary Bhagyalakshmi, Umadevi, AISF city leaders Shivshankar, and others visited Lavanya. They demanded that legal action be taken against Sunil swiftly.

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