Blackout Challenge On TikTok: User Found Dead In Bathroom

23 Jan, 2021 11:19 IST|Sakshi Post

Challenges on social media can sometimes lead to horrific results. One such challenge on video-sharing network TikTok, led to the death of a 10-year old girl in Italy. The girl lost her life while trying to do the “blackout challenge.

The Italian prosecutors are currently investigating the case. According to the reports, the victim was found unconscious in the bathroom along with her phone, by her 5-year old sister. She was rushed to the Palermo hospital, where she was declared dead. The police later seized the mobile phone.

The Italian government had announced a temporary block for certain users. Tiktok’s terms state that kids below the age of 13 will not be allowed to use the app.

Tiktok is currently helping the police with investigation. They did not find anything related to the black-out challenge that could have encouraged the girl. It was not possible for the girl to have taken part in such a challenge. The possibility of “provocation to suicide” in being investigated.

According to the medical experts, the girl took part in something called the ‘scarfing’ or ‘black-out’ challenge, where the person voluntarily chokes themselves. This restricts the oxygen from reaching the brain.

As of now, the Italian Data Protection Authority has decided to block Tiktok till 15 February. The app will have to meet the Authority’s demands. In December last year, the data authority filed a lawsuit against tiktok, alleging that the app doesn’t take required measures to protect minors.

The girl’s family said that they had no idea about this challenge. The father added that he knew their daughter was on tiktok as she liked watching dance videos. But did not imagine it would lead to something like this.

The girl’s death stirred up a discussion among social media users in Italy with everyone demanding a proper law and regulations to be set for social media platforms.

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